Program Application

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 60 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 28.50%
Thanks for signing up to be an official GirlyGoGetter!


After your application is approved, you'll receive a very important email with a link to purchase the sales kit for $20.  You are required to purchase this kit in order to participate in our program. But it's WAY worth it. Your sales kit includes a garter of your choice ($39 value), 50 personalized promo cards ($10 value) that make it super-easy to share your link and a 10% off coupon with friends, plus other marketing materials. Your purchase of the sales kit also gives you the opportunity to customize your coupon code and affiliate link, to make them easy to remember and share.

Once you purchase the sales kit, we'll send you your custom link, custom coupon code and 50 personalized promo cards.  Then you'll be all set to start selling!

- Share your link and code with your friends and family, and put it on your Facebook page or personal website.

- For every garter ordered using your link, your peeps get a 10% discount and you get $10!

- We'll pay you directly into your Paypal account every Friday.

It's that simple. So GET IT, GIRL!

(p.s. If you have your own website, we also have branded ads that you can place on it, that will link to our site using your special link. You can pick the ones you want once you're all signed up.)
Some fine print that you don't really need to read, but just in case you're curious:

- You'll be able to track your sales and how much money you're making using our GirlyGoGetter Refersion dashboard. We'll send you a link to your dashboard once your registration is approved.

- The 28.50% commission amount that you see above equals exactly $10 per garter.

- The number of days (60) before your link's cookies expire (we know, it sounds like goobledygook) refers to how long one of your peeps can wait before placing an order and still giving you the credit. Meaning, if they click on your link, check out our site, but don't buy anything ... and then go BACK to our site days (or up to two months) later, we'll remember that they first clicked on your link - as long as they don't delete their browser cookies (kind of like clearing their browser cache).